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Julie's Jungle
is a 22-acre USDA and State licensed private breeding facility just outside of Pensacola, Florida, and home to Servals, Kinkajous, Fennec Foxes, and Caracals. We've been raising animals full-time since 1996, and consider what we do a lifestyle more than a job. We love what we do, and are fully committed to providing you with wonderful, life-enriching pets. Please note that we are a breeding facility and cannot exhibit.

Mission Statement
Owning a living thing is a responsibility not to be taken lightly. You'll see this phrase repeatedly throughout our website. This applies to Julie's Jungle in two different ways. First is our responsibility as owners and breeders of these fantastic creatures. Our animals are precious to us, and we consider it a privilege to be a part of their lives, so we strive to give them the best homes we can.

Our other obligation is as providers of exceptional, hand-raised exotic pets. Julie's Jungle very carefully selects prospective parents based on your knowledge or willingness to research and gain the knowledge required for proper animal ownership. We hold our babies and our parents in the highest regard, and require nothing less than the best from you.

Visitation and/or Pick up
At Julie's Jungle, we realize that you may be making a sizable investment in our animals, and we encourage you to come to pick up your new baby whenever possible. We prefer this option as it allows us to meet you, and gives us the chance to help you in the initial introduction to your exotic baby and the responsibilities it will entail. You can visit with us and see our facility, and perhaps see your baby's parents. Because our animals are breeding animals and not exhibit animals it is not always possible to see the parents but we will walk by their enclosure and make the attempt.

However, in order to breed exotics successfully and to minimize disturbances so as not to stress our breeding animals, Julie's Jungle is strictly a private breeding facility, and NOT a petting zoo open to visitation by the general public. As such, we must limit our visitors to serious clients only. To insure this, we require a deposit on an animal before you may visit.

There are sites that recommend you visit a facility before you buy, and many encourage you to spend time with other’s exotic pets to “get a feel” for the animal you are interested in. Many exotics are bonded exclusively to their humans and whether in breeding situations or pet homes, will hide at the sight of strangers. This experience will in no way give you an understanding of the bond between an exotic and their human. If you feel you need to physically see what a particular exotic looks like, I recommend a zoo or other exhibiting facility. back to top

We are licensed sell our exotics to appropriate homes within the United States. We are not licensed to sell to anyone outside the United States. back to top

We can ship to most anywhere in the US that Delta Airlines flies depending on the weather. Some smaller airports do not accept Cargo but you can usually find an airport within a reasonable distance. Current costs to ship is approximately $350. This includes the kennel and the health certificate. When possible we prefer to ship during the week when it's not as busy. While we may be able to ship within a requested timeframe, please be ready to be flexible about arrival times. back to top

Deposits and Payment
We accept deposits on some babies on waiting lists prior to birth. Deposits can also hold babies already born until they are ready to go to their new home.

We require 50% of the purchase price of the baby that is a non-refundable deposit. Refunds will only be issued in the event that we cannot provide you with the baby requested within the time specified.

If your regulations (insert hyperlink to regs page here) prohibit you from having the animal you put the deposit on, or if you simply change your mind, or if there is any other reason that you cannot purchase your baby, your deposit is forfeited.

Payment in full including shipping costs is required before an animal will be shipped. back to top

Medical Procedures
Vaccinating, de-clawing, and spaying/neutering your exotic is a personal choice and oftentimes you'll get your exotic before these procedures need to occur. Therefore Julie's Jungle does not vaccinate any of our exotics, nor do we de-claw or spay/neuter. back to top

Limited Warranty and Guarantee
Julie's Jungle guarantees all of our animals to be healthy at the time of shipment or pick-up. This guarantee is backed by a veterinarian's health certificate. Sometimes it can take several days for a problem to show up and because of this, we guarantee our animals for a limited time, but there are several guidelines that you must abide by in order for this guarantee to be valid.

Timely communication is most important. You must contact us as soon as you feel that something could be wrong. You must describe what's happening in as great of detail as possible. This is either preceded or followed by a visit to your vet. You may be asked to produce evidence of what has happened to your animal. If your animal has been shipped to you and you feel that an injury could have occurred during shipment, be sure to note it on the air bill as well as speak with a representative of the airline. I cannot express enough, how important good communication and responsible actions are should problems arise.

If such problems arise and all requirements are met, then we will either replace your animal or refund your money for a limited time (to be negotiated at time of purchase as applicable to the animal being purchased).

It is your responsibility as the buyer to take care of your animal the moment you receive it. We will not replace or refund any animal that has not received adequate and appropriate care from its new owner. Because we cannot determine how you are caring for your animal, good communication and verification by a vet is essential.

It is your responsibility as the buyer to take care of your animal the moment you receive it. Julie's Jungle warrants the animal you purchased is and will be healthy when it is delivered to you by shipment or otherwise.

This warranty will be based upon a veterinarian's health certificate; or shipper's health certificate which you will receive on delivery of the animal purchased by you. "Healthy" is defined by what is legally required for interstate transport by USDA/APHIS and what is defined as "apparent health" on either shipper's certificate or veterinarian's health certificate.

This warranty is effective only in the event that you take the following action within the time indicated as follows:

a) Within five (5) days of delivery of the animal purchased by you, you will cause the animal to be examined by a licensed veterinarian to determine the state of its health and, if that examination indicates that the animal is not "healthy" nor in "apparent health" as defined herein, you must provide to Julie's Jungle a copy of your veterinarian's written opinion or your detailed written statement of the health related problem(s) diagnosed by your veterinarian should your veterinarian's fail to provide you with a written opinion or a written opinion is unavailable.

b) Your failure to notify Julie's Jungle and provide the required information within the time required in subparagraph (a) will render this limited warranty null and void and of no legal effect.

c) Your written notification may be sent by e-mail or any other means of written communication but must in all circumstances be in writing.

If a determination is made that the animal purchased from Julie's Jungle is determined by your veterinarian to be unhealthy or not in apparent health as defined herein, then Julie's Jungle will either replace your animal or refund your money.

It is your responsibility as the buyer to take care of your animal the moment you receive it. Julie's Jungle will not replace any animal or refund the purchase price of any animal that has not received adequate and appropriate care from you. Since Julie's Jungle cannot determine how your animal is cared for after it's delivery to you, good communication and verification by a veterinarian is essential.

This is the only warranty provided with regard to the purchase by you. Julie's Jungle makes no other warranties either expressed or implied and Julie's Jungle shall not be liable for warranties of consequential damages. Some states may not allow this disclaimer, so this language may not apply to you. In such case, the liability of Julie's Jungle shall be limited to refund of Julie's Jungle purchase price. You may have other rights which vary from state to state. You and Julie's Jungle agree that the animal purchased is not intended as "Consumer Goods" under state or federal warranty laws. back to top

Governing Law
Any sale(s) will be governed by the laws of the state of Florida. Venue and jurisdiction for all disputes will lie in Escambia County, Florida.

We reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone for any reason.

Prices subject to change at anytime.

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